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Remote twenty kilometers of seafront, the Col de Vence is approximately 950 meters. It offers access to a vast plateau where lies the picturesque hamlet of St. Barnabas. Apart from the latter and a few old isolated farms, this place has remained wild where go many hikers during the beautiful sunny days. However, you’ll come across a few people at night. A place as wild removed and unfortunately caught in the recent past some sects in search of authenticity. It must be said that this area is particularly enchanting and magical when night envelops his starry mantle. The police will put good order and since, only a few “ravers” harmless sometimes disturb the tranquility of the place. This site is truly unique with its charm and it must be said, its mysteries. Indeed, the Col de Vence is not only known for its beautiful landscapes, but especially for his strange phenomena and in particular many stories of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).

Col de Vence August 2020 : En quête de réflexion !


The first unusual sightings in that area seem to date back to many decades as evidenced archives dating back to 1866. In January this year, the writings of the time describe fireballs out of a sort of cloud moving very slowly across the sky above Vence. A few years later, May 6, 1875, still above Vence, several townspeople realize in the sky fireballs blinding arisen again a big cloud. On March 21, 1877, the lights would still appeared in the sky above Vence. They were described by witnesses as fireballs almost blinding, from a mass resembling a strange cloud moving rather slowly. We live for over an hour heading north, that is to say to the Col de Vence. Until our time, other phenomena have yet unexplained products, attracting a large number of curious and passionate. Several people have attended or still attend the scene in hopes of seeing a mysterious appearance. However, the chances of such an observation are meager. Furthermore, many abuses of wacky people were quick to cover their tracks.


Yet some persevere for the sake of honesty and knowledge. Since 1996, a team of independent investigators, “the Invisibles Vence collar” is one of the few serious groups who are trying to break into the field the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic phenomena occurring on the board of St. Barnabé. With its modest means, this team of investigators from the Nice region has built a solid reputation in the small world of French ufology. Members may conduct on-site in order to elucidate the strange phenomena that manifest it periodically. Each member of this team carries of course a professional activity: official, commercial, scientific, aerospace frame, pharmacist … in short, a wide range of activities and skills is represented with as many approaches of the UFO phenomenon, while keeping reason and wisdom. Some do not hesitate to sacrifice all their free time to devote to this rough field work, but extremely rewarding, both human and scientifically. In this regard, it is of course clear that the technical means have established the “Invisibles” are certainly limited, but honest and very credible. This is also like this that we could call this group of friends: honest, rigorous in their work, which is not always the case in particular if the middle of ufology.

Over time, they built up an impressive collection of documents, such as videos showing strange anomalies: UFOs moving at fantastic speeds in heaven, but also enigmatic ghostly luminous manifestations or pretend to attend nearby photographers stunned by what they discover on their digital screens. A report there exists between these two apparently very different phenomena? It is difficult to interpret these sensational events. However by carrying out cross-checks of concrete facts, indices and bringing of “coincidences” between them, a correlation can be found between all these mysteries. However, caution, though undoubtedly it happens something exceptional and unconventional in this remote corner of Vence.


There is a naive idea ingrained in many minds that all should weekends there is a large parade taking place UFO in the skies of the Vence hinterland! There may be real landings “UFO tourists” after a television program reported having more or less serious the strange events manifesting Col de Vence. Fortunately, this is also a short summer rain and quiet very quickly reinstalled on the board of St. Barnabé.
Besides these passing people, it is also worth mentioning what is colloquially known as “enlightened” of sorts having been contacted by aliens or were invested with a “heavenly” mission. These are the most dangerous especially some who are convinced of being “elected” and therefore turning into pseudo-gurus.

There is also a category of people, not least of which are quick to pull a lucrative trade in this activity, while handling their own little world, but also the media. Some of you may remember the famous story of the pseudo “crop circle” suddenly appeared last summer near the village of Coursegoules. We recall here briefly what a “crop circle”: English term designating mysterious geometric shapes drawn in wheat fields, still unexplained phenomenon manifested almost exclusively in Britain and studied by moult people and groups all walks of life. In short, one of those curious signs, namely a seemingly perfect circle is discovered by an enthusiast of the UFO phenomenon in a field below the main road leading to Coursegoules and along the valley of the Cagne. But soon the news spread, quickly recovered by a Stakhanovite scoop UFO, proclaiming discoverer of incredible trace. It will follow an incredible hype as heartbreaking as laughable.
A large regional newspaper went even book a whole page on this case by highlighting the mysterious aspect of this trace discovery by investigators described as serious. The team “of the Col de Vence Invisibles” knew of this track long before she does about her and had therefore made a few days before a thorough field investigation of this so-called artifact. The conclusion of this study was as fast as definitive: it was simply a riding school. The circle on the ground (the clay in the middle of weeds) is formed by the repeated passage of a horse trainer turned in a circle by holding the tethers. This kind of recovery and “rise in mayonnaise” periodically punctuate chronic UFO Vence and heavily serve all serious investigators.


The team of “ICDV” is rather discrete and offers a pragmatic approach to the study of UFOs. It recognizes that many UFO sightings are often only miscue with misinterpreted natural phenomena. Yet there are still many cases totally incomprehensible. Members recall that the UFO phenomenon is often associated with the term “alien”, which, for now, is absolutely not officially proven. Caution is called for, though some recent reports suggest the hypothesis of an original “non-terrestrial”. They describe themselves as field investigators. With modest resources, they do their best to test new equipment such as infrared detectors, sound amplifiers, magnetic and electric detectors. They even went so far as to perform soil analyzes by private laboratories to unseal there any indications of a supposed UFO landing. By their presence on the ground or through their website (, they frequently meet witnesses claiming to have seen strange things. They also invite anyone who witnessed unusual phenomena in the region to communicate their story if they wish.


Today, they want to go even further, because the testimonies are cumulative, but do not lead to a significant advance in the understanding of UFOs. They have the chance to visit several times a month in Vence pass. They always take their recording equipment. But even being careful, it is very difficult to capture a transient abnormal phenomenon. In addition, appearances are rare and little time spent observing the sky is far from sufficient to be aware of everything that happens. Despite a large number of people studying it, there are few making serious efforts to finally solve this mystery. The members of this team remember that they are not intended to prove the existence of an intelligent presence of exotic origin in the Col de Vence or elsewhere. Their approach is to show rather than demonstrated. But they suggest that if we want the experiences are not confined to the testimonies, we must find concrete evidence exportable. Photo documents and videos turn out to be good ways to communicate this information. Of course, any document, as extraordinary as it is, will never constitute evidence as deceptions are easy to perform. The fact remains that these are important information carriers. Today there are technical means to go forward in the collection of accurate data. Appliances, previously reserved for expensive and laboratories are now virtually accessible to all.


Based on this observation, they launched since 2010, a new project. : AMS (Automatic Measurement Station) or automated measurements station. The idea for this project came from existing experience set in a small valley called Hessdalen Norwegian (

Since 1981, locals have reported witnessing often unusual aerial light phenomena. The appearances were so numerous and enigmatic as quickly a study was undertaken by academics and various investigators. The goal was to determine the nature of these mysterious lights and openly communicate results to the public with greater transparency. From summer 1983, the project was born Hessdalen. This project continues to this day, and since its inception many improvements have been made. The heart of the curriculum is based on the implementation of several stations or automated AMS measures. These devices were designed and installed in the valley of Hessdalen by university teams Ostfold. They took turns in all these years to record and analyze the data collected on site. As to the experiments, the AMS system is greatly improved. Many international teams have come to associate to bring their technical and scientific expertise.

The team of “Invisibles the Col de Vence” has contacted the Hessdalen team to expose the project to implement the Col de Vence an AMS system similar to that of Norway. The team of Hessdalen was interested in this approach and has been quite favorable for closer cooperation between the two teams. After several months of hard work, the station was completed and the first conducted trials. The technical complexity of this type of equipment has required the mobilization of all the skills of the team of “Invisible” to ensure the success of such a challenge. Mission accomplished. For the first time in France and Europe after the Hessdalen project, a fully automated system, autonomous, scalable, runs on a site known as the Col de Vence. The objective is to provide for all the data we have acquired (website: People outside the team, have good skills and wanting to study the raw elements may get them together with all necessary information related to serious analysis. The essential requirement is that the results of these analyzes are made public.



There are places whose evocation holds our attention as things reported about them seem magical and unreal. As Utah in the United States, Canneto Sicily, Italy Basiliano, Hessdalen Norway Kongka The Ladakh, Tina Solomon Islands or St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands …, the Col de Vence is one of those places. Located in the hinterland of Nice, France, is known for a long time as a place where strange events are supposed to take place there attracting many hikers and lovers of the subject and UFO file.
The Invisibles of the Col de Vence (ICDV), multidisciplinary group of investigators questioning browsing field since 1999, after two years of collective writing finalized in 2008 invite you to discover a form of the original, a novel-truth survey This timeless place loaded with stories and UFO mysteries undiscovered for a revelation to the world.



A group of fans and friends has gradually formed in an attempt to better
understand these mysteries. After years of field investigation, the Col de
Vence Team offers for the first time in a book, and discover the extraordinary
phenomena that occur in this spooky place.

This book, produced in a collective way, tells the true stories whose origin
still remains unknown to this day. Through the story of Michael, an imaginary
shepherd, you will discover how an Intelligence gradually unveiled to the group
until interact with it. You will see that behind inexplicable and absolutely baffling
manifestations hides an invisible presence nevertheless real …



08/12/2023 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

ZI de la Canardière – Ave du Maréchal Liautey, Mandelieu-la-Napoule (06210)


07/21/2023 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
E.Leclerc 195 Place du Grand Jardin Vence (06140)

Every year since October 2008 official release date of the book, the Invisibles of the Col de Vence are regularly invited by booksellers to come and dedicate the book to readers. These sessions not only have the great pleasure to exchange with our readers on the subject and file in question, but also to allow new evidence to collect all each more amazing than the others!
Stories not only for witnesses generally to be free of a weight like a heavy suitcase to ask to be able to land and rest but also allowing ICDV to move forward in their ongoing research for truth.


The main objective of this station is to collect measures related to known and unknown aerial phenomena. The station consists of a computer and various sensors such as an ultra-sensitive camera that records in real time what happens in his field of vision. Detectors are triggered automatically. Then just come to harvest the data periodically to see if the strange phenomena have been recorded in the files.

The idea of ​​placing cameras to monitor the sky is not new. At present, many people perform this type of monitoring. However, this is the first time in France that the proposed autonomous measuring station for the study of unidentified aerospace phenomena is pushed as far.

Recordings can be varied and concern for the vast majority of natural or anthropogenic. It is very useful to determine clearly the criteria for identification. For some of these criteria are obvious (side lights airplanes, satellites known passages, and so on.), for others, the task is more complicated. Sometimes data analysis (a simple video example) is not obvious and can be time consuming. This is the reason why ICDV are limited to present the measures and not to interpret them.


The goal was to design a stand-alone station from an energy point of view to use it anywhere, without constraint from an external power supply. The AMS was therefore conceived in view of this need, that is to say by operating the station via solar panels and batteries, while using low power components.

The station is functional at present and subject to continual change. It is installed on private land near a house in a town near Vence. For security reasons, we can not mention the exact location of the station The camera faces north toward the “Puy de Tourettes”.

This mountain borders the southern part of the plateau of St. Barnabas (the Col de Vence delimits the western part of the plateau).
A new version of the AMS is in preparation. This system will be even better than the first version. This second copy will be placed on the board of St. Barnabé, a few minutes walk from the Col de Vence. With Northwest orientation. In this way, new usable data can be obtained in order to better understand these mysteries. The information from this project are freely available by visiting the website


This project is financed by the members of our team “ICDV” themselves and by our association “Nérusi” ( Nérusi is a nonprofit organization that publishes a book since October 2008 we wrote (“Les Invisibles du Col de Vence – investigations and revelations about a zone of permanent anomalies” Nérusi Editions). This book is the result of two years of work and compiles as a novel the surprising stories related to the Col de Vence and the Vence region. All profits earned from the sale of this book is used to help the projects of the association and in particular the project of AMS. Each player participates in the development of this unique adventure.


All Phenix Project team and ICDV is available for all to collect the testimony of witnesses of unexplained aerial phenomenon. We launch an appeal to constantly witness to be able to collect all data that can afford to assist witnesses in their questions and to advance understanding of the subject and UFO dossier.