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The author


Born in 1962 in Vienna, France, higher technical dive training diving, 14 years of professional underwater activities, and Development Manager Aeronautical Training for 19 years for the French state (Ministry of Education, then CCINCA, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nice Côte d’Azur), my innate curiosity and my spirit of adventure and enterprise, have always led me to continually go forward, beyond the beaten track in search of answers to questions continues to ask humanity.


Interview with the author 2020 : En quête de réflexion !


After 40 years of reflection on the subject and file UFO/UAP (Unidentified Flying Object/Unknown Aerial Phenomena ) and “ETC” (Extraterrestrial Civilizations Technologies), I am convinced that it is necessary and urgent that humanity can to overcome as quickly as possible with a veil of obscurantism and misinformation on the subject and back so she could see the facts, the evidence, and so move forward to new paths and break new stages of its evolution.


Interview with the author: Vence, a parallel world!


Having lived many human adventures, technology and science, today, I travel the world to conduct factual investigations in the field and places with high levels of external activities, whether extraterrestrial, intraterrestrial, interdimensional, or intertemporal all four at once!
Member of 3AF and ICDV, This UFO/UAP investigator of field activity is strongly linked to that of exopolitologue, essayist, writer, speaker and founder of the Phenix Project, international nature of the project with the objective scientific study of the subject and file UFO/UAP in its propulsion part and energies.


Author interview by Flachespace:


This website is a corporate site to make known to as many specific activities, projects having as common denominator the factual inquiry into the care closer to apprehend the truth about the subject and the most strategic and most important issue that either on this planet to become close to all of human civilization: the subject and UAPs – ETCs file!


UFO: A matter of states


Something is watching us…


Paper Serge Tinland on ResearchGate : UAPS – ECTs theoretical and experimental study proposals October 30, 2021


Take up the weapons of a humanist vote for a participative democracy based on the social and solidarity economy!


More than a national alternative, a new social project for the construction of a free world.


The elites have become crazy …. It is time that the power returns to the people!


All citizens of France are invited to give their opinion on the decisions to be taken for the social and economic life of the country. It is not the rule of the absolute majority that must prevail. The governance in place in this new participatory democracy believes that the agreement of citizens must at least be close to 80% to be representative of the feeling of the French population. All strategic and essential decisions for the future of the people of France and France must be common!


If we do nothing … if we give up … our children will accuse us …! So shame on us, shame on us all …!


Serge Tinland 2027 :


Thank you for your attention,
Serge Tinland

“It is urgent that humanity move forward to new paths and break new stages of its evolution”