The Phenix Project
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The Phenix Project


The UFO file, and other PAN, has for decades or even centuries, maintained both the imagination, credulity, mistrust and the interests of a significant portion of the human population.
Today it seems, following a mountain more amazing facts than each other, that this issue be “the record” the most important from a scientific point of view that the world has ever had to reach. For a chance to break even just a small part of its mystery, we have to abandon our certainties about what is thought possible or not. It is therefore urgent to imagine and implement in the field in ways that have not yet been made a formal way, and that in order to have maybe a chance to come as close as this ” truth “that seems to be hidden through a troubling phenomenon too elusive for now …!
The Phenix Project, Project French international, has been thought in the sense to try to answer some questions raised by this case and lead to discoveries, particularly in areas of high energy, enabling a better future for all humanity.


Author interview by Flachespace:



RESEARCH AND THE DISCOVERY OF A NEW SOURCE OF ENERGY AND FORM: A strategic economic issue for the global market society … A vital issue for the future of human society and our planet Earth!


By opening a formal Research Foundation has one or several joint research units (UMR) to try to discover some parts of “strategic truth” about the UFO dossier.


We are now more than seven billion people (nearly 10 billion in 2050 …) that tomorrow will come and claim more energy for their comfort and development. But really, this energy out of fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil) we are left with barely 200 years for coal, 65 years for gas and only between 30 and 40 years for oil!. ..or do we find it?

Since the nineteenth century, hydrocarbons have greatly contributed to the development and evolution of market and human societies. Oil, even used in small amounts, provides sufficient energy to turn the motors of vehicles and machines. Always associated to oil in hydrocarbon deposits, natural gas is also a very energy fuel.

However, ever-increasing dependence of modern and emerging companies on oil, gas and coal is today one of the greatest challenges we face, in addition to access to all nutrition , drinking water and health.


Given the depletion of exploitable hydrocarbon deposits, before the need to fight against global warming and other ills from knocking on our doors, solutions and must be found as soon as possible to the maximum in the next 10 to 30 years: If it is a question for example of using more effectively the available energy and of using more the renewable sources of energy, in addition to hydrocarbons, it is a start, but absolutely not sufficient, both in its effectiveness in human society in its profitability for the market society.


There is another alternative for humanity and planet Earth to meet this challenge of energy and energy transition of tomorrow!

The answer to this challenge for both parties, human society and the global market society has always found under our eyes, in a folder that all mankind to knowledge, but to date not aware of overall strategic importance of this:

The UFO file (unidentified flying object)!


Because science that is involved in energy production necessary to extraordinary aerodynamic performance of these “objects” are currently beyond anything we know “officially” on Earth. And it is this science that we need to develop new forms and sources of energy to enable a radical change in the current paradigm, and this in all areas of the market and human society!

The possible field is huge, unimaginable, through research, discovery and exploitation of energy used in these “UFOs“!


In January 2011 was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the 5th Annual Forum “Global Competitiveness”.


The entire global market society has opened for the first time ever a conference and debate on “Contact: Learning from Outer Space”; proof of the importance and strategic issue that can wear this and file, in particular under the glance of the search for new forms and sources of energy!


With recent advances, both scientific as geopolitics, the Phenix Project, internationally oriented company, offers with the support of its partners, a completely pioneering approach, namely, to focus its work on the earth’s surface based simultaneously on the SETV protocol (Aliens Probes Search in the solar system or the Earth) and on SETA program type (Extra-Terrestrial Artifacts Research). This is specifically to complement traditional research and now lapped type SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence :, open to the cosmos, by working both in situ in search of potentially present technological artifacts in archaeological and geological layers of our planet and work in the laboratory to develop new theories, new fundamental and applied concepts in high-energy physics directly related to the study of the UFO dossier (Unidentified Flying Object), and more particularly to propulsion ceux- above.


This proactive and innovative research SETAV (Search for Extraterrestrial Artifacts and probes in the Solar System) closely related to the technical-scientific UFO file, grants to researchers Phenix Project, a multidisciplinary vision and squares discoveries outposts potential totally unexpected in the eyes of the scientific, industrial, economic, political and social current.


This new direction linked to the retro-intellectualization and reverse engineering, made the Phenix Project a truly innovative program that complements perfectly, thanks to a double proactive action in the laboratory and in the field, the building already strong in the quest for extraterrestrial intelligent life and what it can bring to all humanity and the end of profound change in systems and structures for a new path of evolution!


The Foundation will be based, at cruising speed, thirty types of specialized departments UMR (Mixed Research Unit) having their heads several laboratories in order to succeed in this search for new sources and forms of energy related to an understanding of the modes propulsion UFOs.


The scientific study of the file and about UFO’s vital to become closer to our world!


We need to provide a viable and fast solution to all of the terrestrial civilization before it does find the foot of the wall without any solution for its future.

One of the most promising solutions can come from space and in particular exogenous aircraft if found and since the dawn of time visiting our world with a level of technology and science that we absolutely understand for good and well-being of all humanity.


Presentation of a new dissertation from the Phenix Project for investors, partners, sponsors and donors :

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